Hosted Exchange

Is for any size of business from a new start-up company wanting a business grade email service or an existing business looking to move from a local on premise email server to a hosted platform.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2013 eliminates the need to have an exchange server on premise, thus reducing the one point of failure.

Offering Enterprise Exchange we ensure downtime is kept to an absolute minimum by replicating your emails over multiple servers, so if one should fail this will automatically switch to another server with minimum disruption to your business.
There is no limit on the number of mail boxes you can have or the amount of storage.

  • Everything is in sync, weather you use the service on your phone, laptop, tablet, desktop or web mail.
  • If a device gets lost or stolen your e-mail information is still held on the server.
  • Added protection with hosted email security giving you peace of mind especially when on average 85% of messages are either spam or virus infected!
  • Centralised signatures so you can present your company in a uniformed way.
  • All e-mail accounts can be managed through your own client control panel.