Telephone Lines

P2C communications can offer you a full range of business telephone line services with various service level agreements. Our experienced account managers are here to help you chose the right line service for your business needs.

Analogue Lines (PSTN)
Analogue lines also known as PSTN are the most basic form of telephone line. This line type can used with a traditional telephone system, for a fax or PDQ machine and alarm line. This line is also used to run broadband connections over.

Multi Line (Aux) – Multi Line also known as Aux lines is a number of analogue lines which are grouped together under one telephone number.

ISDN2e is a digital business line which has 2 channels on one connection. You can have a multiple of ISDN2e channels connected together up to a maximum of 8 channels (4 x 2 Channels). ISDN2e gives you the ability to have a direct dial number range laid a crossed them. This type of connection would be used with a digital telephone system.

ISDN30e is a premium digital business line it starts with a minimum of 8 channels and go’s up to a maximum of 30 channels. ISDN30e has direct dial numbers (DDI’s) laid a crossed them, which allows your company to give individuals their own telephone number or these could be used for departments or even marketing campaigns. This type of connection would be used with a digital telephone system.

Direct Dial Numbers (DDI)
Direct Dial Numbers are used with ISDN circuits only. These numbers would be associated with the ISDN’s main number and allows individuals to have their own individual number as well as an extension number – providing your telephone system supports this. This will allow your customers to bypass the switchboard and go straight through to the individual.

DDI’s can be ordered in blocks of 10 numbers or you can order single numbers which are known as SDDI’s with a maximum of 5 number ranges per circuit.

SIP Trunking
SIP Trunking allows you to make voice calls over the internet (VOIP). These SIP trunks work over a dedicated broadband connection and are a cost effective alternative to ISDN or PSTN.

SIP offers call costs savings over calls made from traditional telephone lines.
With SIP you can move your existing telephones numbers to another location and have telephone numbers outside of your local area.