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Hosted Voice Bespoke Solutions

  • Our Hosted Voice solution is built for your individual business needs.
  • Delivered and installed in by our fully trained engineers.
  • Full training provided on handsets installed.
  • No additional maintenance cost full support included.

Excellent Support

  • Our support team are dedicated to ensuring you get the most from our Hosted Voice solutions.
  • We are here to support you Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm at no additional cost.
  • We are an extension of your team and here to assist you in making moves and changes easy.
  • We are here to answer questions or provide advice, so do pick up the phone and call

See Why We Offer Great Value

  • Request only what you company needs now – order more when or if you need.
  • Cost savings on calls and no additional maintenance costs – support included.
  • Easy to deploy and use.
  • Life time warranty on Hosted Voice handsets providing handset remains with an active P2C Hosted License.

P2C Voice is our hosted voice service, this is an ideal solution for a start-up business through to established organisations which may be looking to reduce operational costs.

Hosted Voice is a server less phone solution which is flexible and feature rich, therefore replacing the need for a traditional PBX telephone system and lines. This solution runs over a dedicated internet connection to our hosted platform in the cloud.

Your IP handsets then connect to the dedicated connection via a switch and from here you can make and receive telephone calls. The call charges on this service are much lower than a standard line service, which helps keep your costs to a minimum.

The solution offers many features from basic call transfer, to voicemail to e-mail, to call divert, auto attendant and call recording.

A hosted solution has many benefits:

  • Lower Call tariffs
  • Easy to add new users as and when required
  • Home & Remote Workers
  • Keep your existing number wherever you move to

Hosted Voice Solutions

Still unsure the hosted solution fits your business requirements? Then why not give our 14 day free trial ago and see the benefits for yourself.

SIP Trunking

If you have a traditional PBX and don’t want to part with it, but want to reduce call costs, then why not consider SIP trunking. SIP trunks run over a dedicated internet connection and this is how you can make and receive telephone calls and is ideal if you have homeworkers, as this enables your main office to deliver calls to them via their extension number.

You can also mix SIP trunks with your existing telephone line connection to give resilience, flexibility and cost savings.

For example if you currently have 4 channels of ISDN 2 – this is equal to 4 lines – you could reduce this to 2 channels – 2 lines and have 2 SIP Trunks, which means your incoming calls would still come in over the ISDN, but you would call out over the SIP trunks therefore, reducing your call costs and ISDN rental.

With this type of solution is either failed i.e. your telephone line connection or your SIP trunks, either could be forwarded to the other, therefore giving your business resilience. Interested? Then why not call our team to see if your PBX can take you into the technology of today!